Workshops will be hands-on in small groups and introduce different applications of VR in architecture. The following workshops are currently planned:

Virtual Parametric Cities

Organiser: Nicolai Steinø, associate professor, architect, PhD, Aalborg University

The parametric city modeling software CityEngine is used to model complex urban landscapes in architectural detail and render series of 360 images for immersive exploration.

Involving Users in Architectural Design Processes with VR and AR

Organiser: Mattias Wallergård, associate professor, PhD, Lund University

How can the latest generation of VR and AR technology be used to elicit knowledge from users in a architectural design process?

The Sound of Physical and Virtual Spaces

Organisers: Stefania Serafin, professor with specific responsibilities, and Rolf Nordahl, associate professor, Aalborg University

Participants will work with sound behaviour in both physical and virtual spaces, and look at what the advantages are to representing sound accurately in virtual reality.

Let’s Meet in the Square

Organisers: Uffe Gross & Henrik Askanius, NIRAS Consulting Engineers

Based on a photo/geo-located digital 3D model, a spatial VR model of an existing public square in Aalborg is used as a setting for a design intervention.

Virtual Reality Room-Acoustics Workflows

Organisers: Dario Parigi, Associate Professor, AAU & Kjeld Svidt, Associate Professor, AAU

A real-time room acoustics design tool is used in combination with the parametric design tool Grasshopper and a virtual reality tool set to investigate immersive and integrated room-acoustic design workflows.

Using Acoustic Simulations in Virtual Reality

Organiser: Troels Dam Madsen, Henning Larsen Architects

The newest generation game engine software in combination with acoustic simulation software is used to create an immersive and interactive VR environment that includes accurate sound simulations based on various uses of absorbents and reflective materials.