Friday, May 3rd, 2019

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Hans Jørgen Andersen
Head of Department of Architecture, Design and Media
Technology, Aalborg University


Martin Kraus & Nicolai Steinø
Symposium Chairs

09:30 – 10:15: KEYNOTE


Social VR in Architecture

Tomás Dorta
Professor, University of Montréal

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10:45 – 12:00: SESSION A·01 INTERACTION


Virtual Reality for Prototyping Compression-Only Structures

Odysseas Kontovourkis and Andreas Stroumpoulis

Virtual City@Chalmers: Creating a Prototype for a Collaborative Early Stage Urban Planning AR Application

Fabio Latino, Vasilis Naserentin, Erik Öhrn, Liane Thuvander and Anders Logg

Sketching Immersive Information Spaces: Lessons Learned from Experiments in ‘Sketching For and Through Virtual Reality’

Peter Vistisen, Danwei Tran Luciani and Philip Ekströmer



Mixed Reality and Lost Heritage: Reconstituting the Monastery of Santa Cruz of Coimbra through VR-AR Convergence

Mauro Costa Couceiro, Rui Lobo and António Monteiro

Improving Visual Design Perception by an Integrated Mixed Reality Environment for Performative Architecture

Sahin Akin, Oğuzcan Ergun, Ipek Gursel Dino and Elif Surer

Context-Aware Image Acquisition Approaches for Renovation Building Process Using AR and Linked Data

Oliver Schulz and Jakob Beetz

12:00 – 13:00: LUNCH

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13:00 – 14:15: SESSION A·02 NAVIGATION


The Use of Virtual Reality in Exploring Non-Linear Interpretations of Literary Architecture: An Initial Methodology

Yisi Liu

The Effect of Biomechanical Symmetry on Presence and Simulator Sickness in a Virtual Reality Application Controlled by a VR Bike

Alexandra Maria Bartas, Christian Søgaard Dahl, Georgi Petrov Nedelev, Thomas Gustafsen, Weronika Katarzyna Korbutt and Viktor Schmuck

13:00 – 14:15: SESSION B·02 LIGHT


A Study of Perceived Spatial Depth in Relation to Brightness Level Evaluated by VR

Kensuke Hotta, Seigo Tanaka, Alric Lee, Haruna Okawa and Ikuya Hanaoka

The Use of VR Technologies to Enhance Methods for Lighting Design Practice

Philip Jelvard and Michael F. Mullins

Establishing Daylight Studies Inside Architectural hale Models with 360° Panoramas Viewed in VR

Anette Kreutzberg and Katja Bülow

14:15 – 14:45: COFFEE BREAK

Hallway @ 4.517

14:45 – 16:00: SESSION A·03 EDUCATION


Integrating Digital Reality into Architectural Education: Virtual Urban Environment Design and Real-Time Simulated Behaviors

Maria Velaora, François Guena and Konstantinos Moraitis

The Effect of Immersive Virtual Reality on Perception of Topological Relations in Architectural Design Education

İlke Yıldan and Gülen Çağdaş

VRiC: Virtual Reality in Construction: Proposal of a Virtual Reality Based Learning Environment for Building Construction Systems

Varlik Yucel and Sema Alaçam

14:45 – 16:00: SESSION B·03 PERCEPTION


An Empirical Inquiry into the Affective Qualities of Virtual Spatial Enclosures in Head Mounted Display driven VR Systems: The Logic at Work behind the Magic of Space

Rohit Priyadarshi Sanatani

The Neurological Impact of Perception of Architectural Space in Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality with Building Information Modelling and EEG

Anders Hermund, Morten Myrup Jensen and Lars Simon Klint

Realistic Real Time Simulation of Room Acoustics using Virtual Reality with Auralization: Development and Initial Testing

Simon Swanström Wyke, Flemming Christensen, Kjeld Svidt, Jørgen Storm Emborg and Rasmus Lund Jensen