The Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology (ADMT) at Aalborg University and its forerunner organizations have been active in research of Virtual Reality (VR) since 1999 when the first Danish VR research center (VR Center Nord) was founded in Aalborg. Since then, several research groups within the department have been established focusing on various applications of VR (in particular, education and therapy) and VR research topics (in particular, audio, 3D user interaction, and lighting).

The department is unique in the Danish context as it constitute disciplines within architecture, design, media and technology under one roof providing the foundation for a powerful new field of research and development of competence within the field of technology and design with a human focus. The department hosts the highly successful Architecture and Design programme which over the past twenty years has trained over 1.500 graduates in the fields of architecture, urban design and industrial design with a hybrid designer-engineer profile.